“She massaged & paid attention to the areas I specified & did an excellent job taking out all
the knicks and knots in my neck & shoulders. She used the perfect amount of pressure.”
-N. Sayed

“The massage was personal (not one size fits all.) She understood what my body needed & worked
-N. Einson

“Great focus on my back and neck…chronic discomfort I’ve had for years-felt better from last
week’s session she gave me. Very conscious and tuned in-caring, receptive to particular focus
of my needs.”
-D. Sell

“One of the best I’ve had! Really liked the pace & pressure.”

-D. Fay

“Honestly, the best massage I’ve gotten and one of the best I’ve ever had. It was amazing!
I wish I had constructive criticism to give, but I don’t…Thank You!”

“Your attention to my description of the problem made the session extremely effective!”

“I generally don’t ask for a specific area to be worked on but today I really needed
focus–and you did a great job. Very focused and in tune with my needs. You are strong
and were able to get into the areas that needed the most attention. Thank you.”

“My shoulders have not felt so good in a long time. Thank you for the great massage!
You are a gifted massage therapist!”
-B. Lynn

“Deep pressure work on shoulders & upper back area, you really eliminated some very tight
knotted muscles. Thanks for a great massage–you really have a talent.”